Well thank you šŸ˜‡, I do try my best to be smart. Not so sure about being cute though

Meet the blogger

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Name: Kyle-Jordan Stanforth

Age: 19

Gender: Male


Food: I love haribo sweets

Drink: I drink a lot of water

Book: Maze Runner

Author: James Dashner

Song: There’s too many

Movie: Saving Private Ryan/ The Raid 2

TV show: Friends, it’s all I watch.

Band: Weezer

Solo Artist: Ed Sheeran

Place: where I live? My house

Subject: Biology/psychology

Sport: Football (as in soccer football)

Make Actor: Tom Hanks

Female Actor: Zooey Deschanel


Best Friend: Matty, been friends since we were toddlers

Siblings: 4, 3 sisters & 1 brother

Dream Job: I’m studying cells and molecules at university so something doctor related I guess.

Political ideology: idk

Religion: I believe in god and I’m christened. So Christian I guess.

Tattoos: ship on my left arm, feather and owl on my right arm

Piercing: both ears

Languages: English and German


Reason Behind URL: I don’t know but the header in my blog “islets of langerhans” are cells from which insulin are produced. Biology related.

Reason Behind Icon: just me init

Tracked Tags: Biology

Why I Joined: was told it was good

First URL: this one

Number of Blogs: was 2 (neuroticextrovert) but I deleted it

I’ll tag. Tatiana itsfuckingchocolate

When your girlfriend goes in the huff and it just makes then 100% cuter


"mom, Iā€™m hungry" "make yourself something"


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